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  1. Just because the majority is silent, doesn't mean that they all like the new Metro UI. It just means that they didn't share their opinion here. Personally, I wouldn't post here if I didn't read your post because I saw enough people have already suggested the same thing I would like to suggest: Please, give us the option to deactivate the custom theme and use the theme of our OS! I thought it would be just waste of time of those who read this topic, to post the same thing as all the others before me. You wouldn't want 7 million users to post here 7 million posts, do you?
  2. Off-topic question: How can I replace the [folder entry] label with the name of folder?
  3. The folder index entry doesn't works. I checked the option but I still see only [Folder Entry].
  4. I downloaded today the very latest version and the problem remains. The folders can't move.
  5. I suggest if is possible for the next versions to give us the ability to select between the old and new style by an option in options tab. Thank you
  6. Windows XP Home Edition FAT32 file system All Versions of Defraggler (I have the latest) During defragmentation, defraggler moves most of the files in other blocks in the drive but never moves the folders. I uploaded a screenshot: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?act=at...ost&id=2511 The light blue squares are folders.
  7. I don't like the new design of Cleaner results panel because the plain text design accomodates me much better. Can be add an option for viewing Cleaner results panel as plain text?
  8. My drive's file system is FAT32. Defraggler can't move any folder during defragmentation. Why? Can be fixed?
  9. After the freespace defragment some "freespace fragments" remain. In my C drive the "freespace fragments" are more: In each line. So I can't defrag large files.
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