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  1. OK, Stephen. You said you were working on this issue for the May release and.............. yes this is still April and newly released v5.42 doesn't have the "fix". So, do we have to wait another month before the "fix" is available? For an issue that has caused so much of a fuss, I would have thought you'd be able to squeeze in the coding for this latest release. Is your "release schedule" backed up that far? When I first commented on this issue in the middle of March and saw so many others making the same comments, I thought we would see the "fix" in the next release. What gives?
  2. Many thanks!! It's so nice to know that your user's feedback is understood and changes are made to reflect that feedback. Keep up the great work.
  3. Let me just add my "me too" to the growing list.
  4. This latest version requires you to select "Show Advanced Report". How can I select this as the default display?
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