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  1. yeah, i have uncheck the HOTfix installer what do you recommend? check or uncheck? ahm.. so you mean if i clean all of ths.. i will still have my updates? unless i use the add/remove tool? i did also try ths method on my 1st pc.. all of my hot fix at add/remove was GOne becoz i used the ccleaner. all checkd.
  2. i nid more other replies from other users or any experienced users out there. please reply THank YOu for your reply SPikey ill nid more confirmation. really? ok ill try to check it out later the movie outlander.
  3. you sure? i nid more replies.. please.. it wont chnge any? it wont affect the downloads of updates from my OS? it will only delete what? ahm the movie? its not yet done. still downloading it hiihihi
  4. Hi, my question is.. is it safe to delete the newly updated Windows? i mean the security updates, hotfix, and updates for my OS? I just updated my OS and i think if i delete this my updates will be gone? heres my Log ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (2.209 secs)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------300.1MB to be removed. (Approximate size)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet)--------------------------------------------------
  5. lampz


    HI, I have this issue on CCleaner why does CCleaner automatically delete automatics UPDAtes I mean the Updates that were installed after the Update. is this safe? when CCleaner deletes updates that were updated by Microsoft? or it will be permanently deleted?
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