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  1. I came here thinking I have a possible solution for some folks. BTW, it would be nice to add a small blurb to the Recuva write up mentioning this. Windows Defrag moves crap around all over the disk, and while it is at it, it rebuilds the FAT. Know that, also, (invisible) files that have been tagged as deleted are permanently trashed during defrag. Likewise, Recuva nor anyone else can recover deleted files after doing a Windows Defrag. I should also mention that -- although it rarely happens today -- When a disk is essentially full, space containing deleted files will be overwritten, right up to the point that Windows cannot find enough "empty" space for a file-write attempt. That's when you get terse message that the disk is full. Know also that my knowledge is contemporary only up until Windows 98SE. What happens to NTFS files during defrag with WinXP or Vista is beyond my experience. I not only don't know, I don't even want to know. My LAST upgrade is to Win98SE. And that's as far as I'm going. BTW, I installed Recuva on four machines yesterday. It's beautiful! Very professionally done. My compliments to you all for a fine program.
  2. Andavari and I have a different perspective about speed. My son runs XP Pro. I run 98SE. We are both running on nearly identical machines, i.e., 2.7 GHz CPU's with 512 MB memories. Not long ago we did several bench mark-type exercises of our own concocting. My machine ran much faster than his. NO big surprise to me. XP does a lot of fooling around in the background. 98SE only does what I tell it to, when I tell it to. Granted, I don't have any experience with dual processor machines. Maybe such would make me change my bias. But I doubt it. Like the man said, speed is relative. Each successive version of a MS O/S is bound to be slower than its predecessor. They get away with it because of the tremendous increases in CPU performance every couple of years. Dontcha just love it?
  3. Thanks guys. Yes, I'm running Win98SE, as shown on the image of the error screen I attached to my original post. Problem solved. My copy of MSIMG32.DLL was corrupt. Not the first time I've banged my skull on that one, PS. Me too, I run only Win98SE on my machines. Save for the ones running DOS, of course. I'm old and retired. Started programming computers in 1962. For the last few years I refurbish used computers that I buy at yard sales, flea markets, whatever. We sell these gems at my wife's thrift store, usually for about $100 USD. I average rebuilding about 100 machines a year. Although I have hands-on time on ME, 2K, XP, etc. I do not use any of them, nor will I sell a system with any such O/S. They all have bugs. I know where most of them are in 98SE, at least, and how to work around them. Someone said they were surprised a 10-15 year old O/S is still useful. Or something like that. The DOS machines we use at our store are nearly 25 years old and still running beautifully. More amazing to me, many programs that I wrote 30 years ago in GW-BASIC will run on 9x, XP, et al. Several years ago I made freeware out of many of them. Copies can be had from my web site: http://www.whizware.net/ Like I said before, I love CCleaner. Use it after every internet session. Just found this forum yesterday. Will likely be back now and then. Seems like a pretty good crowd hereabouts.
  4. Yes. Have uninstalled and reinstalled both old and new versions. No, new version has not yet worked. Gave same error message. Yes, my system is lean, clean and mean, AFIK.
  5. Have been using CCleaner for several months on a couple of computers. Absolutely love it! For some strange reason, all of a sudden it will not start on my favorite computer. I've gone back and "merged" registery backups, but to no avail. System otherwise seems to be working just fine. Any clues, anybody, about what I may have screwed up?
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