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  1. Hi davey, Thanks for your quick reply. However, I am sure that cleaning the above registry location (and other MUIcache locations) is exactly what I want to do. Okay, maybe not cleaning the whole but removing specific entries. I am aware of the recently run list in the Start menu and I have already disabled it. My problem, again, is that when I run a program it leaves its trace in the registry in several places. COM interfaces, file extension associations, firewall settings, and also MUICache. Even if I uninstall the application, many of these entries will remain there. Now I understand that this kind of keeping personal privacy is not the main goal of CCleaner, but in fact this functionality is what I need right now, and I thought it would make a feature suggestion. Actually, I was a bit suprised that CCleaner doesnt have this already Thanks again
  2. Sorry, should have been posted in the Suggestions forum. My fault.
  3. Hi! I am a happy user of CCleaner, my version is 2.08.588, I am running Windows XP Pro SP2. I recently discovered that all the programs I started got listed in the registry at MUICache HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache My problem is, I do not want to have a history of the programs I started. I've read some forum posts and learned that this is a multilangual feature, and it does no harm if I delete its contents. There's a MUICache checkbox on the CCleaner GUI, but I guess it "just" checks if the paths are correct. What I am asking for is an option to clear the entries in the MUICache registry folder. To make it more configurable, it would be a useful option to have a custom list of registry entries to delete, just like we have for files and folders. Thanks
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