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  1. So has anyone knocked up a Terminal Server winapp2.ini or are we still on the search for a terminal server compatible cleaner?
  2. Agreed please o please add this.
  3. Ok all Im still in the hunt for a program capiable of clearing multipul user profiles on a Terminal Server enviroment anyone got any ideas or recomendations?
  4. Thanks for that quite helpful but it still only appears to clean the temp internet files of the current loged in user. At least i can clear out all the temp files.
  5. I love CCleaner but as a system admin i can see some great benefits for multipul user systems. I am really after for some sort of multipul profile cleaning mechanisim with all the functions of CCleaner. As an administrator of Several terminal server's it would be a great asset for me to be able to clear all profiles on the server of tempory internet and other uless files that take up valuable space in one clean sweap. Is this feature planed to be released in future releases of CCleaner. Thanks in Advance.
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