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  1. OK - thanks for the clarification. Now, if I could only remember which appliications I had customized...
  2. Many thanks! Question: What happens if I have done a "custom" install and have changed any of the data directories?
  3. Agree - I found that I had to add quite a few directories with the "Include" button (Win XP, SP2): C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache\*.* C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\ERRORREP\*.* C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\DataColl\*.* C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\*.* etc ... These clean out snapshots and updates ... Question: is there some way to find out what CCleaner cleans by default? Tnx
  4. Voyaguer, you are doing some interesting testing ... I hope that some Defraggler expert is listening in ...
  5. I can't say that I have seen this happening - in fact I see: - 180Mb in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download going back to 2007 - 600Mb of KBXXXXX updates in C:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$ going back to 2008 ... - 500Mb in C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles so all-in-all ~1.3 Gb that could be freed up
  6. Defragging is a bit of a black art, i have found ... but usulaly when the disk is getting to 80-85% full ... but you have plenty of space Did you checked if your are running restore points? Have you tried disabling them?
  7. I found the same ... a number of obsolete files in ../CCleaner ... which were gone after the re-install. The ../CCleaner/Lang/ files are still there
  8. I think it is excellent that you guys improve and update CCleaner regularly - I wish M$ were that diligent with maintaining their s/w This is one of the reasons why CC is one of my favourite utilities!!! You might want to consider a semi-automatic update mechanism that downloads/installs/restarts automatically? EM
  9. It seems that the "Priority" setting is not saved. If I set to Background and close the program, after a restart it is back to Normal... Is this a bug or a feature? I would prefer the setting to be saved, as DF slows down my computer a bit in normal mode. (Yes, I have scheduled it to run at 4am and yes, I do sometimes need to work then...) Please let us know EM
  10. I think Giga wanted CCleaner to "clean-out" his old thumbs.db files, just as it cleans out other old/unused files - NOT prevent them from being generated/used. So disabling the thumbnail view is probably not a solution ... BTW, I tried to add the thumbs.db files via "Options -> Include", but that only allows whole directories and indevidual files, not thumbs.db files across the whole disk... Sooo, dear Piriform, can you help? Thank You .E.
  11. Agree with Deep - I also want to run the registry cleaning function automatically from Scheduled Tasks in XP... I suggested this some time ago, and the Piriform answer seemed to indicate that they were wanting to protect us from ourselves Or they are just lazy ... .E.
  12. Wondering how you went with the hotfix issues Or still trying to recover Windows?? .E.
  13. Does this "disk-space-munching" only happen on Vista - or has anyone seen this happen on XP? EM
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