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  1. 1. An option to update Piriform Programs (Recuva, Defraggler, Ccleaner, etc.) within the program itself without going to a webpage. 2. A system tray feature to auto defrag when the system is idle.
  2. I was going to recommend this too. Smart Defrag has it, so why not Defraggler?
  3. Ok, so I was trying to make a partition with Easeus and I guess I didn't do it right. I went to go format the External HD (1.5TB) and my computer froze. I did a hard restart and now the drive wont show up in My Computer and it has a blinking lock key. Please help!
  4. Here you go, hope you can do something with it. Defraggler.exe._1_6_118__2009_01_19_14_41_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_6_118__2009_01_19_14_41_.txt
  5. Since I've updated to the latest version I've been having problems. The last version I haven't, but it seems this one has been giving me problems. Once the build list is completed it says it encountered an error and closes. Enclosed is a logfile of the error. exception.txt exception.txt
  6. Hmm, maybe an autorun feature as a backround process? Maybe it would take up too much resources, but that idea is left out in the open. I saw a defragger out there called ScanDisk I think and they made Windows Defrag itself. Windows just bought it off them to use. Is it possible for the autorun feature to defrag files that become fragmented instantaneously? I mean if it detects a fragmented file it will automatically defrag it.
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