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  1. I have also noticed that large files take a long time when highlighting files that need to be defragged. These files are about 4 GB's. Another thing is that when I make an ISO image of a dvd with Nero it will not defrag completley after a long time of trying. Prior versions did defrag these large ISO files.
  2. What I do for myself and other who I help clean up there computer with junk and viruses: I create a folder on the desktop and name it Utility Tools. Inside this folder I add the shortcuts too programs such as Ccleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, MalwareBytes, SuperAntispyware, Spybot Search & Destroy, SpywareBlaster, Windows Defender, Antivirus program, Revouninstaller, and Cleanmem.
  3. I agree with to many icons on task bar takes resources. I have helped people with computers telling me there computer is to slow and by removing these icons has helped. However it's not only the resource issue that to many icons or tasks running slow down the computer but the other issue is when running to many task at computer startup can cause conflicts with each other and that can be a real problem too.
  4. You can always try Cleanmem - this is a free program that will clean memory that is no longer used. Does not work in the background all it does is every 30 minutes it cleans the memory automatically of a program that has been used and the memory left behind is no longer needed. This process takes a split of a second and you won't even notice it. Link: http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem Read more about it at link above.
  5. Sorry but I agree with Nerdfencer too. Besides if you were to have a malware program once you clean your system just go and check out the prefetch folder and delete the malware program's file manually.
  6. Sorry but I have to agree with Augeas on this one. Before I would even want to clean a duplicate I would wanna make sure I don't really need it and also note that some files may have same name but can be different for example one can be an exe file and another can be a bat file and so on. So with that in note CCleaner would become slow to use since before deleting these so called duplicates we have to spend a big amount of time making sure we don't delete something needed later.
  7. Great idea I like this can come handy.
  8. Hi Thomas, You can find information about the colored squares by opening Defraggler and go to Help and click Drive Map Legend. I also suggest that you read about this program's documentation so you can learn more about it's functions and understandign oh how this program works. For documentation go to: http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner
  9. Hi Thomas, Defraggler already has a pause button. When you open Defraggler look at the bottom of this program and you will see a pause button.
  10. And yes I agree they were helpful for me because I never knew programs such as Cleanmem existed. It works well so thanks Tom AZ for the suggestion.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Andavari. Yes I do have winappi2 and use it with CCleaner. Though if what you are saying is true than why is Windows Updates still keeping the Review history Updates of this last week when I use CCleaner to clean with same options several times a day. Anyone can actually confirm this or is it a Windows Update problem. Also can anyone check if they are having this issue too. Just curious.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can confirm an issue I am having with Windows Updates when going to the Review History Updates. As of a week now when going to check the Review History Updates via Windows Update I noticed only this last week of items showing in the Review History Updates. Whereas before I would have pages of all the items I have ever downloaded from Windows Updates and showing if failed or successful. My question is can this be happening because of CCleaner or maybe an option I have enabled in CCleaner? Not blaming CCleaner .. it is a good program but just want to make sure and see if also others have noticed this behavior in Windows Update. NOTE: I do not have the option "Hotfix Uninstaller" ticked in CCleaner. Thanks in advacne.
  13. WOW! GUNNER, Normally, when we are "advanced", we read the "advanced" directions? Try it. Just that phrase says it all very impressing phrase short and to the point. I'm impressed.
  14. Hi, If it's pagefiles or programs in use they can't be defragged. For pagefiles you have to use another program called PageDefrag from sysinternals which you can download from here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb897426.aspx If the files are in use you may be able to defrag after rebooting. So if I were you I would use Defraggler to analyze your drive first and than you can click with mouse on the red blocks that indicate fragmented to learn if in fact it is pagefiles and programs in use that need defragment.
  15. hi Marv1920, I don't use Word and Excel 2003 I use Office 2007 and when I go to advanced I have an option of shoing the amount of recent files. I have set it to show 0 (zero) I'm sure there is an option in Office 2003 where you can do this.
  16. No way ccleaner is fine just the way it is for confirming if you want to fix registries. I'm sure ccleaner do not want to have people complain that there computer is no longer running well because of what the registry fixing did. Besides if you don't want the confirmation just untick the option in the Advanced from ccleaner where it says "Show prompt to backup registry issues. Ofcourse if you do this it is your responsability if something were to go wrong.
  17. Have you tried restoring with system restore to an earlier point before using defraggler.
  18. Maybe someone here at the forum can help you if you can give the files that are not being defragged.
  19. What I would do in your case is move all large files such as audio and video files to external hard drive and than defrag C Drive with defraggler. Than once C Drive is defragged move audio and video files from external drive back to C Drive. This way you will have enough space free for defraggler to work well and also it will defrag faster since less files to move around. Hope this helps.
  20. Yes I to have noticed that the priority when set to background is not saved. I also noticed that ever since defraggler has the interactive for checking blocks it is slower or sluggish on my computer.
  21. I just wanted to add that with Defraggler you can defrag only files and folders that need defragment instead of having to do a full disk defragment which will take time.
  22. Hi Phoval, It is not a good idea to defrag usb flash drives. It will tear and wear out your flash drive faster. The reason for this is because the way usb flash works. For example if a usb flash drive can be rewritten 1000 times it will shorten the amount by defragging it. For a better understanding on how a usb flash drive works search the forums or google it.
  23. Thanks Hazelnut, these links can come handy.
  24. Hi Keith, Today when I started my computer I tried defragging those 3 log files from AVG 8.0 and Defraggler was able to complete the job. Now I believe the reason it worked this time was for one of these 2 reasons below: 1. Probably because the computer was restarted. 2. Or possibly because before defragging I had installed the winapp2 zip and used ccleaner to clean *AVG 8.0 that came with winapp2 instalation and the 3 ABG log files that could not be defragged were the ones that were cleaned. Anyways let me know what happens with your computer I am still interested in knowing. I also noticed that AVG 8.0 new components update has more items listed in task manager. I used to have 28 process running before AVG update whenever all programs are closed and after AVG update I have 30 process shoing in task manager. The 2 added items come from AVG. Also wanted to mention that there was an 3rd one added at first but when I cleaned it from ccleaners registry it was no longer there. It was listed as non existance program. I guess AVG left somethings behind that were no longer needed with the new AVG 8.0
  25. It's funny it never did this before. Although the other day AVG updated new components where I was asked to restart windows and this update changed AVG in the way it works. Anyone else who has AVG 8.0 with latest updates have same problem?
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