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  1. My reccomendation would be Active@ KillDisk Hard Drive Eraser. I've been using it for 2 years or so. It dismounts Hard Drives before wiping them and everything gets wiped + MFT, living good files behind. To wipe the OS drive it lets you create a boot CD and run the program from there. I do that every 6 months to keep my OS drive fresh. Free version comes with only one pass zeros though
  2. I got burried Maybe sb can move it to CCleaner Suggestions? I think it's more appropriate there!
  3. I found couple of threads actually using the "Search", but they are dated back to 2006. One of the posts there said "there will be support in the next release" ..well, aparrently not Is there any news on this? I see that Google Chrome is supported and it is a brand new browser, I find K-Meleon to be much more popural! Thanx! Mike
  4. PiCo

    CCleaner v2.11

    I'm on Vista Business SP1 32bit fully updated. I've created some .log files, 2 empty folders named "empty" and "log" all under Program Files and run the latest CCleaner Slim version. Everything worked fine as usual, nth from the above was deleted.
  5. I couldn't even connect to the site in the link, how were you able to load the page with the rogue? I have firefox + SpywareBlaster.
  6. PiCo

    CCleaner v2.10

    Running great on Vista Business SP1! Also deleted a Typ Lib sth from registry so the new feature seems to work.
  7. Yes it's chinese, the Lion logo looks pretty cool though!
  8. You're correct about BrotherSoft, the software is clean though. There exists a thread at Wilders here all about Rising. It offers a lot for a free AV, I'd say about everything.
  9. Here is an alternative: Rising FREE AntiVirus At least worth a try!
  10. PiCo

    What is

    Naah, I don't think you need it, but perhaps a CCleaner mod can enlighten us more upon the secure deletion subject. I would go for a DoD with everything checked on CCleaner (System, Advanced, applications, etc) after having got rid of malware, just to make sure all remnants are "securely" deleted.
  11. PiCo

    What is

    Well, unless you keep secret government documents, I think a simple overwrite is really what you're looking for Even if you wanted secure deletion, I would go as far as DoD. Everything over 5 passes, I personally consider it paranoid.
  12. Hmm seems like you got rid of an Antivirus XP infection. What program did you use? I would recomend Malwarebytes RogueRemover to clear of all remnants. Those 2 I see in the picture, you can just right click on them and click "Remove from list"
  13. It was the first time I saw them and I think they were charachterised as ActiveX objects. I backed them up and deleted them, but would anybody be kind enough to explain me what they are? Thank you!
  14. You're not mistaken, I used to have TuneUP Utilities 2008 too and it is good overall, but it was unable to clean some history/temp files, especially about items I deleted from desktop.
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