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  1. To Davey, Yo Kenny and Hazelnut Thanks for your input Note: I have never backed up any file on my PC ...period I assume the purpose of a back up is :if you create a problem you can always go back and reinstall the file that existed before you made the change I also assume the following: 1.Whenever I change/modify the registry I should always use "back up"...Yes or No? 2.Since I dont have any errors after changing the registry I guess I should delete the back up file in My Documents....Yes/No? 3.The back up file is a .reg file 4.I am using Win XP 5.If I had a problem and had to use back up...as Davey suggested I clicked "open with" (since Merge did nothing) Now another window appears and states "Windows cannot open this file;To open this file windows needs to know what program created it What do you want to do: a) Use Web Services to find appropriate program............... (I did not select this) b)Select program from list ................................................( I recognized Note pad, Word etc)" I gave up at this point so I would not screw up my PC ...not knowing what I'm doing (I did look at and opened the info that Haazelnut and Yo Kenny sent but did not know what to do with that info) but I would like to know how to back up Registry if I ever needed to use "back up" Doc
  2. I'm a Newbie also My question is this When I select back up for the registry it sends the item(Reg file) to My Documents If I wanted to implement the "back up" how would I do it? When I right clicked on the item in My Documents I selected Merge and was shown this message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.Create an asociation in the folder options Control Panel What does his mean and how do I implement the back up .....IF EVER REQUIRED
  3. Thanks Davey I will now install update 2.08 etc
  4. Disc4Mat Being a new member I looked at the problems listed with the update and many mentioned a possibility of a Trojan infection. Were any positve reports of a trojan infection true or a hoax Much concerned
  5. Gents/Ladies Should I update ? I just installed CCleaner version 2.07.575 on 5/23/08 I see all the correspondance for and against updating 2.08 Some advice please? I have Windows XP SP2 and Avast Security
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