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  1. thanks for taking time to reply. and thanks for the links. i was aware of safari vulnerability before, but the reason for using it was speed. i did find in the meantime opera 9.5 alpha which seems even faster so i'll probably take up your advice until apple comes with something safer.
  2. Well first to say thanks for providing this nice little program. So far I am quite impressed the way it works. One little thing I noticed is that with new Safari browser CCleaner doesn't clean "recent searches" list (which can be accessed by a single click - upper right corner search box icon). It does clean everything else from Safari. I checked this on 3 different PCs and the situation is the same. It's not a big deal after all, one can just manually reset Safari but thanks for attending this.
  3. Ha! I just registered in order to post the same suggestion. Well done.
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