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  1. I have searched but could only find results for the /Auto , /shutdown , and /S switches. Is there any installation arguments that could be used to deploy CCleaner over the network WITHOUT; "Add Desktop Shortcut" "Add Start Menu Shortcuts" "Add Run CCleaner option to Recycle Bin..." "Add Open CCleaner option....." "Automatically check for updates" I know that the slim version eliminates the toolbar, but the added functionality of switches or arguments for the above settings would be very helpful.
  2. tplaya07


    Not sure if it will help either of you guys (or anyone else), but CCleaner does offer a version without the Yahoo Toolbar here; I downloaded this version onto my server and created a batch file to install this whenever a user logs in. By using the /S switch, it installs CCleaner automatically and silently, but uses default options (shortcut on desktop, start menu, etc.), which was fine with me. Here is a link to some other options for CCleaner... just click on "Command Line Parameters". I also created another batch file to make CCleaner run automatically/silently when a user logs in. To install CCleaner via batch file and GPO script; start /d "(insert path of CCleaner setup file here-do not include file name)" ccsetup_208slim.exe /S To run CCleaner automatically when a user logs in, add this line to login script via GPO; start /d "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" CCleaner.exe /AUTO <----assuming you install in the default location Hope this helps someone.
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    I do too. And I did try making one on my own with WinStallLE (name??) and Advanced Installer, but neither came out working right.
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