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  1. I stopped the program and I used the windows tool. It worked perfectly. Then I did what you say for the other volumes (including D in the main hd) and it worked! The partition has not volume files or programs, just data. I don't know what went wrong perhaps the program have some bugs doing entire volume defragmentation. Anyway I never use the hd when I running a defragmentetion tool. Thanks to all of you!
  2. 18 hours since it started and still running. No colors changed. Only thing different is: Total Fragments: 10.291 I don't know if it's normal but I don't have days to defrag a unit (30GB!!!). I let it go for a while and then I'm gonna stop it. This program doesn't cause me a good impression...
  3. Hi, first, sorry for my english. I'm defragmenting a partition (50gb) of muy main hd (74 total). It was about 9gb of fragmented files. The program is still running after 12 hours. The last time I cheked it was at 29% and a several hours later stills at 29%. The program is working and the hd making sound so I don't know if it's normal o maybe I have a problem. Is it good to stop the program when is not complete? I leave a pic here:
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