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  1. Here's how to recreate this: 1. Launch CCleaner 2. Go to the options section 3. Go to to cookies subsection 4. Click on a cookie to give the "list of cookies to delete" control focus 5. Scroll down the list of cookies WITH THE MOUSE WHEEL to the very bottom. This doesn't happen if I slide the scroll bar manually. There is (at least for me) a black bar below the bottom-most cookie. Here's an image of it: There are a total of 70 cookies in the "cookies to delete" list. I left in the bottom one in case the text is relevant to the bug. I'd be happy to provide additional informati
  2. While downloading the latest recuva to add to my collection of great software installers, I decided to download the alternative download instead of filehippo to save myself a click. However, when I compared this to the older version I already had, I was surprised to find that the installer had grown 1.4MB over one update. I downloaded the latest version from filehippo, and found it to be a mere 820KB. What's going on here?
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