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    Cleaning with CC

    Thanks for your prompt help. I like to understand things FOR SURE! MLT
  2. MLT

    Cleaning with CC

    I have used CCleaner for a while and love it. I always just analyzed the "Windows" section. Recently I noticed the Application Section - and clicked on that and when I clicked analyze it came up with a number of 69 KB to be removed. When I clicked to clean it says "Cleaning Complete" but then says 0 KB removed. When I do it on windows the amount removed is the amount it says needed to be removed. Am I supposed to only analyze the windows section? But, if so, I wonder why is the application section there. I have clicked on everything I can think of to see if I have it set
  3. I did a restart and it fixed it. I'm sorry I bothered you all. Any dummy should know - problem - restart - see if it fixes it. MLT
  4. I said that I was sure I had used it since the update. Then I realized that my week had been such an uproar because of funeral,etc. that maybe I hadn't so said, I couldn't swear to what I had said. I should have just deleted the part where I said I was sure I had used it. Sorry to be a ding-a-ling. MLT
  5. Today when I was analysing I got a message I must close my brower (Firefox). I thought it was closed - so I opened and closed again - same thing. I looked at task manager - it does not show it working. So now what? Can someone help me? Thanks! I downloaded the update to 1.24 a week or so ago, but I'm almost positive I've used it since with no problem. (My brother-in-law died last week so I can't swear to anything) MLT
  6. I recently started using CClearner and have a question. When I fix issues it asks if I want to back up regisitry. When I answer yes, it puts a file with a long number in my document file. Do I need to do anything with it? Also, as I fix issues they will clutter things up or can I delete them as soon as I know my computer is working OK after the fix. Thanks for any help you can give me. MLT
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