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  1. Hi Folks, At present I am most happy to use on my several XP home & XP Pro computers a combination of two defragmentation softwares: 1. Defraggler ( for very fast in between defragmentation like after downloading DVD movies or other video files) 2. Windows XP Disk Defragmenter ( it does very well the optimization of empty spaces between the many files - which the defraggler is not doing) The Defraggler is used whenever material was added or removed from the harddisk. The Windows Disk Defragmenter only when too many files are spread all over the harddisks. It looks better. I use one computer to try out the newest updates before they go on to the other PCs. The latest Defraggler I have not tried yet. Ther are just too many things to do. During the last many years I'd say to have tried out pretty much all the defragment software around, like Norton's, O&O, Perfect Disk, Disk Keeper, JK Defrag and many others. Freeware and Shareware. Many of them a bit slow, some too overzealous that afterwards certain programs gave problems and only after the Windows Disk Defragmenter re-ordered the file structures , it worked again. Then I read in some forum that a few longtime users had done the the same experiments over time and all recommended staying with the Windows built-in Disk Defragmenter. It has it's ovious shortcomings but is reliable and never causes problems. It's good enough for the average user. Naturally in a business oriented culture there are always people trying to sell us products we don't really need. I also don't like programs which demand one's life commitment to learn und upkeep. If I don't use a program for a few months I don't want to learn it anew everytime I need it (what does this icon mean, etc.) I love the CCleaner and when the Defraggler came along I tried it - and it was love at first sight. Bravo! Once the Russian Kalashnikov was asked what he thinks why his weapon became worldwide so successful: " We learned not to move away from the principles of SIMPLICITY and RELIABILITY" happy computing to all of you - yogida
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