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  1. When you click a file name in "File list" in 2.13, allocated clusters on drive map show up immediatelly with 2.14 and 2.15 it takes 1-2 seconds for that to show up
  2. Please add "Add to Exclude list" to the right click menu for files/dirs in File List Current "Exclude" tab GUI is rather user-un-friendly and requires too much clicking.
  3. Would it be possible to implement moving selected files/directories to the end of the disk? And keeping the ability to (reverse) sort them by certain criteria while doing that? End of the harddisk is good place for old backups, installation files and generaly all files that you rarely access or those that don't require fastest possible read speed (as end of the harddisk reading speeds are usually significantly slower). It also helps to speed defragmentation - they stay out of the way of new files and can be ignored by all new defragment passes. Right now I'm using Jkdefrag to do such things, but it does not offer sorting while moving to the end and sometimes failes to move NTFS compressed files without creating fragments.
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