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  1. I think "defrag drive" function is totally messed up in the latest version. "defrag drive" only increases fragments more and more after hours. Don't use it. Use defrag files (push "analyze" button and then "defrag" button) and then perhaps "advanced" -> "defrag freespace" function.
  2. First, I would like to thank the admin for your excellent product. I have used since 1.01.044 and now use 1.01.073, the latest. Up until 1.01.068, I had no trouble with "defrag Disk" feature. In my understanding, it eliminates the gaps between fragmented files and defragments the files at the same time, making huge empty area at the end of the drive (bottom right area). I was totally satified with its function and its amazing speed compared with other similar products. The latest version with introduction of "new Defrag algorithm", however, seems to do different thing to me. When I
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