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  1. Hey everyone, I wrote up a script to add CCleaner with the /auto parameter to the task scheduler. The script adds the cleaner to the scheduler and CCleaner runs silently. But just to test it, I decided to run another CCleaner scan right after the silent scan. I found that it scanned and cleaned the "Cleaner" section with all the temporary files and everything, but left the registry section untouched. Is there a command line parameter or some other way to have CCleaner clean up the registry section too? Thanks
  2. RDolce

    Silent Install

    For network installs. I want to use "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /S but I dont want all of the default options on the workstations. Some users dont like toolbars or additional icons for applications that they don't think they need.
  3. RDolce

    Silent Install

    Hello, Is there a way to install CCleaner silently and automatically WITHOUT the options such as shortcuts, toolbars, or recycle bin menus? Thanks
  4. RDolce


    Does anyone out there have a CCleaner.msi file? I would like to stick it in a GPO to auto install on each computer.
  5. Can anybody send me a script to automatically install CCleaner silently upon login? I want to be able to run it without the users having anything to do with it.
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