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  1. Thanks for that. Poor design in this version methinks. EDIT: I really wish thing would defrag my pagefile. This says it's in 2 fragments, but when I run PageDefrag from Mark Russonivich (or however his name is spelled), it says the Pagefile is as contiguous as possible. really, really annoying.
  2. 1. Agreed with above posters, the new UI is rather annoying. Instead of giving the pie chart a tab of it own, let it have it's own window that you are able to open optionally, such as with the Drive Map Legend (hell, COMBINE it with that one). 2. It defrags mindblowingly slow. What happened to the blazing fast defrag algorithms from the previous release? Were they less efficient than initially thought? EDIT: In case it means anything: Celeron 2.2Ghz (<-- Old, but not the cause for the poor performance unless it's a coding error with Intel CPUs) 1.5GB DDR PC2700 RAM 40GB HDD Radeon X1550 PCI
  3. While on the topic of cleaning things that Windows Disk Cleanup does (Compress Old Files), I would also like to suggest that there be a seperate "Clear System Restore Cache" option.
  4. I absolutely love the Add/Remove Programs tool within CCleaner, it's an assload of times more organized and easy to use than the one built into Windows, especially with the Delete Entry option which keeps me from digging through the registry manually (which I can probably safe say we all hate to do). However, the only reason I keep going back to Windows' Add/Remove Programs is because of the fact that it shows the estimated amount of disk space the installed item uses. This feature would be a welcome feature in CCleaner. Along with this, Add/Remove Windows Components is another feature in Windows which I come back to every so often. While this wouldn't be a priority to have in CCleaner, It would be a nice addition as well.
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