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  1. Daily: Ctrl-Alt-Delete "Sillies" Not Invented Here Frequent: XKCD Abstruse Goose This Modern World
  2. I hate that, too (Live Essentials package). But if you only need MSN, there's nothing better than Windows Live Messenger + the a-patch.
  3. Just an idle suggestion. I know the allowance of plugins can make a program more complex to write - but it would add a lot of customization to CCleaner. I've been thinking on ideas for plugins too - like the redirection of the deletion of files via ccleaner to something like Eraser. Regardless, I think this warranted a query. Hope to hear if anyone agrees or disagrees!
  4. My version is to be specific, though tomorrow it'll probably be a little higher.
  5. Sorry, but I'm a touch confused... is SRWare Iron following the dev release? Because I'm getting the daily releases of Chromium and haven't used a "fully stable release" in awhile. Is SRWare compatible with the addons and themes? Sorry for all the questions.
  6. Where does CCleaner go to remove the temp files for Google Chrome and how can I adjust it to also include Chromium?
  7. I use MSE and back it up with MBAM. It was fun while it lasted Avast!.
  8. tcoffeep

    swine flu

    Exactly what the joke is. My gf still hasn't seen it.
  9. tcoffeep

    swine flu

    click for a larger picture and a laugh (if you get the joke, that is. my gf missed it)
  10. i'm not a bot, but i have been absent of late
  11. It's funny... I'm getting a better readout than any other similar program I've used. Great job!
  12. They put up a vote for people, and the 5 most voted get up on the top 5 - and then get voted for the "best".
  13. http://lifehacker.com/5399564/five-best-an...us-applications The ones that made it into the top five for voting are : Avast!, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira AntiVir, ESET Nod32 and AVG. What did you vote for? I went with Avast! because that's what I've been using for a bit. Thinking of moving over to Microsoft Security Essentials, but not sure how much more powerful it is (haven't read much about it)
  14. It's not too soon. It was legitmately funny. I don't know why people are getting so touchy about Patrick's death. That engagdget link had a reference to never seeing a good Dirty Dancing sequel, and people were overreacting about it.
  15. And the meme is becoming overused already
  16. I just thought I'd get this one out there.
  17. I heard it wasn't compatible on 22 year old brains. Outdated wetware, or something similar
  18. It says 28. I am 22. Is this good/bad?
  19. Does anyone use the someonewhocares.org HOSTS file? http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/ It looks rather comprehensive.
  20. tcoffeep

    Free Space

    I've had this happen. I got all the space back after I cleared my system restore points up to the latest one ( I manually save a restore point afterwards ).
  21. Easiest way to put it : You can't help them until they realize they have a problem. I speak from personal experience.
  22. I'm really liking : http://www2.sandbox.google.com right now.
  23. tcoffeep


    I only ever had one real big problem w/ it. I double-clicked once, and a window was hiding the boxes... When I minimized... THE BOX WAS GONE. I panicked. I didn't know that double-clicking hides the fences.
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