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  1. Anyone learn anything useful? I found where you can set the program to run as administrator but that doesn't fix the startup issue. Find where the program file(CCleaner.exe) is, right click it and click properties. Click on the compatibility tab and at the bottom there is a check box to run as administrator.
  2. That doesn't seem to really address the problem. The problem as I see it is that Defender doesn't know what the program is and doesn't allow you to give it the OK. That thread is about enabling it at startup, which isn't the problem I'm having.
  3. I'm also experiencing this and would like to know if someone has figured out how to fix it.
  4. I have set up 'Custom Folders' to be cleaned on several different machines(all XP Pro) using several different versions of CCleaner. Usually the newest at the time. The folder(s) I'm trying to clean is C:\Documents and Settings\'User Name'\Local Settings\Temp. CCleaner does not seem to be able to clean these folders. I have looked in these folders after running the program, but prior to setting up the custom folder, and found stuff in there, which is why I set it up in the first place. After setting it up and hitting 'run cleaner' the stuff is still there. So I think maybe it will clean the folder(s) on reboot(obviously set to clean on boot). No luck. Am I missing a step in the setup process? Why aren't these folders cleaned by default? It seems like an obvious place to clean, to me.
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