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  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main ... MicrosoftEdge\Main was not there ! I looked for both you suggested nether were there . Hows that for trying . so why would Edge not be in the registry , where you said to look for it ?
  2. I was just thinking how it would be nice if CCleaner would automatically clean up when I use a certain program. If you could create a Add / Delete window where a program could be added. And when that program is closed, CCleaner will auto clean in the background. This way when I close my browser, CCleaner would just clean up without any needed thought about it. This would work good also for chat, Facebook, Etc. Just add the program to the window and CCleaner would run in the background starting and closing without any forethought.
  3. As a suggestion; I would like to know if Ccleaner already does or can clean and or wipe out any memory that might be kept from surfing the web? I have heard of a file that keeps all of the HTTP site that you have ever visited. All of them in the numerical format. That it can only be found in DOS and in safe mode or during boot up. Is this just some conspiracy ? Down here in San Antonio, Texas Microsoft built this really large building way outside of town where no one lives. And right across the street the NSA built its' own large building. This is literally fact. You can drive down the highwa
  4. Obi-Ron


    The page where I can add folders that need cleaning. I have found a few that could use a discussion. (maybe they have been discussed already. I haven't been able to find them.) The folder is : C:\WINDOWS\pchealth, There are a few folders in there that can become Mega bites of trash. Has there been a thread about all the folders that have MGs of worthless data in them. And they have nothing to do with how well you PC runs. I keep digging and finding temp folders all over the place. It would be nice for a list to grow in Topic,one that would be shared between us. Via, copy an
  5. here is a picture of the folders.
  6. I found a large number of data files here. I would like some help in understanding what they are and what they are logging. If you would like I have a jpg of the window. Thanks, Obi-Ron
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