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  1. Thank you all for your help. The answer you gave that I was the only one with the problem is the one I expected. Now if someone might know how to locate and delete malware put on my computer to stop me from usng this ccleaner program. My belief is a hacker of the most terrible kind has hacked into my computer and is deliberately stopping this program from running. Anyone got any ideas how to look and delete whatever is stopping this program. By the way it says a lot about this program if someone deliberately does this, don't you think? Thanks againg for all the help, Frank
  2. Ok I,m back and tried deleting and downloading again. Any help? Am I the only one with this poblem? Need help. Thanks Frank
  3. Ok I did manually delete folder and files. then downloaded again. When I try to start I get message CCleaner has encoutered a problem and has to close, etc. I have to go out of town for now and will try to continue when I return. Thanks for the help, Frank
  4. In addition to my last post I forgot to mention when I click on desktop icon or go to programs and click on ccleaner, all I get is screen trying to build ccleaner with a message it write C:Program\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe. This happened after I tried to download latest version . Can't delete and can't update. Need help as this program has been getting rid of many problems. Thanks again, Frank
  5. Hi all, Have been enjoying using CCleaner for some time now. Problem I am having now is I cannot seem to update to newest version. I have also tried to delete old version and nothing happens. Get same message " can't write Program: CCleaner\ccleaner or something like that. Will try again and write down correct info. Any help? Thanks Frank
  6. Thanks for the update on this as being a hoax. My concern was because my files that I currently being work on are being copied and send via net to someone with a name 'HACKMEM" as I was able to capture one of these files and have watch as others were created and 'seemed' to disappear quickly. Interesting to point out some of my file were stolen and in one case one file was taken for ten days and the folder was returned empty. When I first saw this I said to myself this is a ghost of the file I just created, that was why I found the Dell story interesting as it all fit(and I have a Dell).
  7. Hi this is my first post. I have just received some very disturbing information and was wondering if it is possible for CC to clean keylogger information if it keylogger is hardware installed by maker? This is being done by Dell and I expect by most other computer makers. First time to this site, and I will be back as it look like great info and I am will pleased with the results of CC. Thanks, Frank
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