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  1. Thanks Nergal---Points I hadn't concidered. This is a laptop that a friend uses for her health care nurse records and wanted to have it "speed up a little". Not sure if she intended it for internet use. I'll pass on your concerns and cautions. She did ask why her dialup wouldn't connect ---maybe I should leave it "broke" :>)

    She does have a 2.8 ghz, XP Home desktop machine she uses. Anyway, thanks again.

  2. Wondering if there is an older version that works with Win95. I installed the 229 on a 166mhz system and got this error; "the ccleaner.exe file is linked to missing export KERNEL32DLL:lsDebuggerPresent." Tried looking through the '"software forum and this one. No luck. And a search in each had no results.

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