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  1. Thanks for your help. I down loaded VB6 and installed it, rebooted . CCcleaner still won't load, very strange, still works great on my lap top and another desk top machine with the same ME OS
  2. I have the new ver. of Java from there site if that is what you mean.. how do I get to the sticky you want me to look at???
  3. I have removed cc cleaner completly several times, although trying to remove from control panel with add and remove program causes computer to crash, I used norton remove program and that worked ok.Also tried deleting it from the C: drive. It seems to have a conflict of some kind....
  4. I have been useing this great program for many months,it has worked with no problems at all.Then one day last week it would not open or run, it looks like it starts to open ,the hour glass comes up for a fraction of a second and thats all. I down loaded the latest ver. of CC CLEANER AND JAVA and reinstalled both.I shut down all spy ware and Norton protect programs and still no help. I am running Win ME. Many thanks to any one that has any ideas.
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