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  1. Ok, I've taken the advice and made sure those were installed. I've made sure all of the current Microsoft updates were installed also. CCleaner is not completing the install. It gets halfway through (or slightly more than halfway) and then I get a message that says "Can not load". I've manually cleaned out all of my temp files, defragged, ran a virus scan, and it's still not working. I can go to run and it will analyze, and say it has 53.8 mb to remove. I click remove and it will still show that either 53.8 mb still needs to be removed, or it will be a higher or lower amount if I analyze again. But when I check the internet files they are not deleted. I have to do it manaully. It's really weird that this is happening.
  2. It does the same exact thing as it did before This is so frustrating since I've never had an issue with this program.
  3. No just for CCleaner install. It freezes about half way through the install and then I get the message when I click the "show content".
  4. Thank you. I've tried to install the latest version and it gives me the "Can not load" messages for every item it attempts to install. I have Windows XP Home Edition. I'm sorry I forgot to mention that in the beginning. I've tried everything I could think of to get this program installed/running again.
  5. I've had CCleaner for a very long time and didn't have any problems with it until recently. I noticed that when I would delete the files and check them again all the files would be there, or there would be more kb worth of items there than it said it deleted. It never completely emptied the files and eventually just stopped deleting any at all. So I uninstalled the program and tried to reinstall it. But now all I get are "Could not load" messages. It doesn't even show on my programs list or my desktop. Any suggestions on what step I should take next? I haven't changed anything at all on this computer in the recent months. Thanks for any help.
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