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  1. This is definitely thinking out of the box and may indeed help a lot of people. However, it will not work for everyone. For example I only state one of my drives,the 1.5TB Raid drive. What I don't tell you is I already have over 8TB on my machine with 13 of the possible 26 partitions already used. Your solution assumes a novice user who generally has one or two drives and limited requirements. I run up to 4 VMs at a time (including the base OS that's 5) (yes it is one Mother Freak of a machine). I have all my music and Video already on separate drives etc. Pictures not, however. Y
  2. Hi, Windows 7 64 bit fully patched, situation on 1.5TB drive (raid) 400GB used. Ok I defragged the drive once, noticed a lot of chrome temp files so ran ccleaner and defragged again. what I noticed was that once Defraggler got to the JPG and other image files it basically shunted approx 75GB of images from block x+1 to block x. While this is extreme notation Defraggler took over 2 hours to shunt all these files for no-good reason as (using the legend) they were already def'ed. Now, I like the maths behind defragging - it can be considered quite amazing and I acknowledge the
  3. Hi there, Windows 7 64 bit, fully patched nVidia 295 latest drivers. 2 screens When using Defraggler I notice that it opens full screen, when I click on the Restore Down button I cannot get to the sides or corners to resize the window. regards Sean
  4. Hi, in Office 2007 it is possible to pin frequently used items, such as spreadshhets etc. It would be good to have an option in the CCleaner Options that said "Do not Clean Office 2007 Pins?" If checked then do not clean the pinned items and clean only the ones that are not pinned. default should be clean all, this should be an opt in option, many thanks in advance regards Sean McPoland
  5. c:\Windows\Installer is a massive repository for general c@#$. Microsoft have confirmed this as an issue but have done nothing to help. It would be nice if CCleaner could have an option to clean Orphaned MSP packages as in the following recommendation from MicrobumpallyourC2456here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/274533 Thanks and reagrds Sean WORKAROUND WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registr
  6. Hi, a colleague of mine has recently installed RegistryBooster 2 and given me a heads up...I use CCleaner exclusively. We did a side by side comparison and found that registryBooster found 500+ entries more than CCleaner...What's going on I ask... Anyway I have attached a copy of the RB log so you can haev a look and advise...change CCleaner so it can get back to the top of the roost... Many thanks regards Sean problems.txt problems.txt
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