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  1. Problem still there. This time the addresses disappeared between 5 & 10 mins without logging off or restarting. The address already in the box remains but all the others go. However, if I delete the address showing & type in another address, that surviving address then also vanishes from the drop down box leaving only the one I just typed in.
  2. Thanks for reply Augeas. URLs disappear sometimes after rebooting or logging off to different user & back. Sometimes after about 5 mins. Apologies for placing question here. I'm sure it's obvious but which section should I have put it in?
  3. The addresses have started disappearing again - although strangely not immediately after running cleaner. I have version 2.07.575 which I'm informed is the latest version. Any more suggestions please?
  4. Thanks for that Davey. Thought URLs were search engine results. Live & learn..
  5. Does anyone know how to prevent the addresses in the address bar from being deleted when running CCleaner? I can't find a box to uncheck for this.
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