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  1. lol 10% use Norton. As for me, I use AVG Free 7.5
  2. Try uninstalling Norton 360, restart a couple of times, and if there isn't much of a speed difference, there's something else bogging you down. (THIS is assuming you have a means to install it again, of course)
  3. They arent terminating it until December 1st, And perhaps you have changed your settings somewhere. On the update manager, select Properties (Or was it settings..?) and just look around and you'd find the option.
  4. I would like to suggest an ability to ignore certain folders while analyzing. This will work like the 'Exclude' in CCleaner - nothing will be automatically ignored unless you add a folder to the list. I feel no need to defrag my Temporary internet folder as its going to be emptied after a day or two anyway. Further, I see no need for an "Are you sure" warning box when you right click on a drive and select defrag. Its obvious I want to defrag it, and nothing bad could happen from doing it.
  5. Thank god for that. I prefer it over v8 (Mainly because there's no way to remove the LinKScanner). Though v8 is still a great free protection program.
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