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  1. Hi from the original poster: I use Firefox for all my browsing, but some of the applications do use IE 8 to store their cache. I'm not sure if the Java Script exploits are coming via my Firefox browsing or from that cache stored in IE. I'm still not clear if its ok to untick that "only delete files older than 24 hours" option. I'd like to to so because theres a chance such malware can lurk in those temp files Oooops..My apologies. i see that Superfast had in fact answered this in his second post above, but I hadnt read that paragraph. I"ll reinsert the tick if I need to install
  2. Hello: Under: Options-->Advanced the following is ticked: "Only delee files in windows Temp folder older than 24 hours" Because I've been getting hit with a number of web-based Java exploits lately, I'd like to delete as much Temp files as quickly s possible. So I'm tempted to untick this setting. Other than Temp files stored in the middle of an installation, is there a good reason to want to delay the deletion of new temp files for 24 hours? Are there any risks in unticking that setting? Thanks in advance -eliuri Windows XP Pro SP3 CCleaner 3.14.1616
  3. =========================== Thanks for responses. Perhaps a better way to deal with this is to learn exactly where the file containing those Start-> Run items is located on my PC? I'm using : Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 That way I can copy n paste them from there, if possible. Then simply allow CCLeaner to clean everything.
  4. ===================================== Thanks Dennis. But apparently it's in a different location in my PC. When I put a check in that box and Analyze via CCleaner, it reads: 0 bytes to be removed. So I'm wondering if those Start-->Run items might be located elsewhere on my PC. Posibly Windows XP Professional Edition is different?
  5. Hi: I'd like to avoid deleting Start-->Run items. Way too many to recall. Problem: CCleaner doesnt show those items in the expected place: Windows Explorer (Run in Start Menu) Question: Where else in the CCleaner panel might these be. So I can be sure to uncheck that? Thanks in advance: -eliuri =============== Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 CCleaner V2.21.940
  6. Davey wrote: <<< davey >>>> ******************************************************************* Thanks Davey: I'm wondering if there's a specific file somewhere on the PC which lists those run items. I'd then exclude that file from CCleaner, much the same as I can exclude certain cokies or folders as things are now.. Or alternatively, I can convert it to a text file so as to readily reconstruct it. I'd rather not do anything in the registry about this.... Thanks again for
  7. ============================================ I did delete the Histroy from the IE7 browser, and that did cause those run items to be lost. Fortunately, I was able to reconstruct much of the list. Though not all of it. Seems this may vary from PC to PC or perhaps its something peculiar to the configuration? In any case, I'll remember never to delete the history item again. Eliuri Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 IE7
  8. Odd Diskmat : I put a check only in that Windows Explorer -->Run box, unchecked everything else, and then hit: Analyze..it showed 0 Bytes. I know I have about 40 or so entries in Start-->Run Wouldn't Analyze have given me some sort of list as to what is in there? -eliuri
  9. Hello: I'm new to CCleaner V.2.07.575. I recall there was some deletion of temporary items in IE7 which also removed the entries in Start-->Run I'm not sure which of the seven delte boxes in IE 7 removes those. Possibly it was some other temporary file/folder altogether. I'm trying to avoid removing those Run entries, as its a fairly long list and I don't recall all the Run items. What action by CCleaner need I avoid so as to preserve those? Thank you: -Eliuri ========== Windows XP Pro SP3 IE7 CCleaner
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