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  1. maybe it is just registry errors . Try reboot ur pc or try closing all applications then install CCleaner again .
  2. TorOsHi


    Speedbit video accelerator!! its 100% free except for the premium version for itunes. Features for the freeware Reduces "movie freezes" and "buffering" problems! Accelerates streaming videos from YouTube and over 100 sites! Bookmarks videos you've recently accelerated, for easy replays! Includes cool search tab feature for finding videos to watch around the web, right from your desktop! www.videoaccelerator.comClick Website Premium version includes Video Accelerator for iTunes accelerates the download of iTunes movies, music videos and TV shows up to 10 times faster! The speedbit video accelerator real works ,try it today! P.S i think it only support for internet explorer
  3. TO bypass a proxy server is possible LOL and that is hacking There are a couple of attack ways, but they will get you kicked out of school. - sniff traffic on your school network to see how the administrators themselves get online. - portscan the firewall and see what ports are open, abuse or exploit one of those ports. - try to ping something on the internet, it that works, ICMP isn't blocked; which implies that if you write your own proxy server and client to hide traffic in ICMP packets you will get outside - buy a cellphone with gprs/edge/3g and connect that to the school PC to get online - buy a hardware keylogger and connect it to your teachers keyboard, see what his passwords are and if he has internet access with those. - If the internet is blocked on your pc and not by means of a firewall, boot your PC from a linux livecd to override any windows 'netnanny' or other tools. - ...
  4. Hiding your IP is not as easy as downloading a tool. and the moment you leave your private IP range at ur schl, you need your IP to be vissible or packets will simply not be routed back to your PC. The only exception to this is if you use a proxy in between you and the target. Either an 'open-proxy' or a dedicated 'paying' proxy. In those cases the target server will see the IP of the proxy and not yours. Playing any type of games that is realtime will be HORRIBLE when played through a proxy. Conclusions: You cannot hide your IP without using a PROXY. Proxies are SERVICES you pay for monthly
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