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  1. I'm having the same problem. CCleaner only shows 3 cookies: Cookie:larry swinney@yahoo.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@www.yahoo.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@tv.yahoo.com/ It doesn't list the other cookies I want to keep, so I can't move them into the protected area. These are the cookies not listed: Cookie:larry swinney@foxnews.com Cookie:larry swinney@google.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@military.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@nypost.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@sdc.tvguide.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@support.microsoft.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@tvguide.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@winxpcentral.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@www.military.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@www.slyck.com/ Cookie:larry swinney@mail.military.com/militarycom Cookie:larry swinney@www.foxnews.com/video2/ I just noticed this recently, but it may have been going on for awhile. In earlier versions, it used to work fine. I have checked my "temporary internet files" folder and the cookies are there, but CCleaner doesn't list them.
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