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  1. Hi, DennisD, thank u for ur opinions, this is my first time to write article here, it's looks like a list of my using, so I'll try to write some new ideas in the thread next time, thank u for the concerning. ps. I really bought ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate & Avex DVD Ripper Platinum, and the input file is vob format, and the output file is mp4 format, that I forgot to write.
  2. This is my first time to use DVD converter. I chose a converter named ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate and mainly used the ripping, effect and the clip function, which is also the key function of this software, because I just know little about this converter at that time. At the beginning I tried a file which is 15.82M and lasts for 1 minute 40 seconds to rip into mp4. The ripping duration is nearly the same as the original files? length and I was very happy toward this. And then I tried a file of 61.39M and lasts 4 minutes 2 seconds to rip into mp4. This time the ripping speed disappointed me a little. The whole duration is 26 minutes. Although I know that my computer operation system and the original file size affect the ripping speed and the duration as well, I do hope the ripping speed can be improved. And I found ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate can supports much more output formats and the formats can be sorted by portable devices But I still found a problem; I can?t apply the effect function to the segment which I got from the original file. I also tried a tool named Avex DVD Ripper Platinum. Comparing with ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate, this software supports less output files, and few settings, but this software gets bigger preview windows than ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate and original video can be viewed during the ripping without sound. So, whatever, this is my first time to use DVD tools, just these opinions, u guys could give me some suggestion or talk about some useful tools here.
  3. Thank u guys, u gave me so many suggestions here to sovle my problem. Thank u Andavari, the websit is great, I really like that. And BrownSugar, I can't open http://www.videohelp.com/tools/ffmpeg, that's bothering And also. my friends give me some tools which can transfer videos to iPod, I find that Imtoo iPod Movie Converter and WinAvi Mp4 Converter not so bad, you guys could try
  4. Thank u so much, is it free?
  5. Hi, fellas, I got a new iPod Touch, but I don't know how to transfer movies (AVI format)) to my iPod, could sb do me a favor to recommend some tools for me? thanx!
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