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  1. Hello, I just want to add, that I too ran into this issue with Doris Insurance Systems software. They too use the Screwdriver along Vclient driver. Doris Insurance Systems told me to remove CCleaner from all the workstation and reinstall these two drivers. Jeff
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you can add the percentage done to the heading when minimized. Small, but maybe someone else might like this feature. Jeff
  3. Hello, I was wondering if you guys were working on a manual or guide for Defraggler? Jeff
  4. THM, I agree that the button situation is a little confusing. I very familiar with programs like Diskeeper and a few others. I found it very confusing that hitting analyze and defrag button did not in fact defrag the whole drive including free space. I think that the right clicking on the drive options should do the same job as the buttons on the main screen. If Piriform insists on keeping them separate maybe they should incorporate a defrag free space button or command line switch. This is my observation. I like the Defraggler program alot and it has come so far, but this right clicking on the drive was a bit weird especially since there are no help/instructions to tell you to do so. I hope they are listening. Jeff
  5. Hello, Thank you guys for your input. I understand what you are saying. I just wanted the ability to hide the registry icon from the main page. Seems like a simple request. Let the customer choose to turn it on or not in the options. Thanks Jeff
  6. Hello, My comment still stands that registry cleaning is very very dangerous and that the average user that runs CCleaner should not even be introduced to such a utility. I have been fixing computers too long to worry about these kind of options. I love CCleaner for it main purpose. I offer it to all my customers for cleaning temp file and internet junk. Registry cleaning should be turned off by deafult or a seperate app. This is my suggestion............ Jeff
  7. Hello, I am making a firm suggestion to Hide Registry Cleaning from interface by default. I am not asking to remove it, I am simply asking to have it as a option. Too many issues have occured with average people with little knowledge using the registry cleanup. I love the regular cleanup, but registry cleanup is too dangerous. Thanks Jeff
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