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  1. I'm referring to CCleaner for Android.
  2. How do I add a custom folder to clean? The custom files/folders option seems to only let me pick individual files to delete not folders to empty.
  3. New entry [MySQL Workbench*] LangSecRef=3021 DetectFile=%AppData%\MySQL\Workbench Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\MySQL\Workbench\log|*.log FileKey2=%AppData%\MySQL\Workbench\sql_history|*.* FileKey2=%AppData%\MySQL\Workbench\cache|*.*
  4. The TweetDeck one is not clearing out any of the temporary files. I empty the entire TweetDeck subfolder manually, and true to the warning in Winapp2.ini, I have to log in the next time I open the app, but nothing else seems lost. Therefore, I propose FileKey1 be modified to the following. FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Twitter\TweetDeck|*.*
  5. I had this issue, but a rerun of the installer fixed it.
  6. Notice the main download link is now a paid link and the free links are smaller. Looks like Piriform is desperate for revenue, from both human instinct and Google!
  7. Is that a hidden folder? I don't see a folder by that name.
  8. I am having big problems with my external hard drive. It works fine when connected to a computer running Vista. Then, I do this: Hibernate the Vista computer Disconnect the external hard drive and plug it into another computer running Windows 7 Make some minor file edits Plug it back into the Vista computer Boot the Vista computer back up After doing so, the hard drive experienced big problems. Subfolders over 1 level deep returned "not accessible" errors when I attempted to open them. Then, I ran chkdsk/f on the drive and it fixed hundreds of file errors and tens of thousands of security errors. When I rebooted the computer, I could access the drive through the built in administrator account, but not through other accounts. I changed the security settings to allow Users full control and now all files can be accessed. However, a few files, including an Outlook PST containing half a year's worth of emails+RSS feeds, is now 0KB in size. It was originally 100+MB. The file was open but not actively being written in when the computer was hibernated, and I didn't modify it on the Windows 7 computer. What should I do?
  9. Why are you doing this in the first place?
  10. Changing themes has no help. Changing color modes w/o reboot has no help, didn't try w/ reboot. EDIT: I have discovered the following: The computer icon does show up under the built-in Administrator account. However: It's missing a different icon: the one that shows up next to 'open' in the teal-green bar under the address bar in Explorer when a file of unknown association is discovered. The icon does show up on this account.
  11. All other instances of the icon at different sizes are OK. This size only is messed up, no matter what its location.
  12. Doesn't work. In the procces of creating the shortcut, I realized that the Desktop icon of the same size is also missing. I did tell you that only that size was missing, right? The large one works fine.
  13. Flushing the icon cache doesn't work.
  14. How do I flush the icon cache?
  15. OS: Windows Vista The problem began when the whole taskbar froze on me. Using Task Manager, I logged off and logged back in. The problem started.
  16. For some reason, I'm missing the little computer icon that shows in the taskbar button when you open the Computer window. No other system icons are affected. Restarting makes no help.
  17. I installed IE8 final on a Vista computer that never had IE8 betas before. I ran CCleaner v2.17 with all options checked. I get 3 windows that say 'Delete Browsing History' popping up. With IE7, there was only one. The windows close slowly. Why are there 3, though?
  18. AdBlock Plus: Blocks ads. I DON'T use Filterset.G (Filter list is from here. Whitelist is from here.) AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper DOM Inspector DownloadHelper FlashGot (w/Getright) Ghostery Google Toolbar McAfee SiteAdvisor TrackMeNot NoScript (usually disabled) I feel my addons are sufficient. They aren't slowing my browser.
  19. I use Disk Cleanup once in a while. It's analysis is slow, but it can clean restore points and offline files. Also, I use ATF-Cleaner on the Vista admin account once in a while. It cleaned 40MB on a machine that CCleaner just ran on. ATF Cleaner download: http://www.atribune.org/index.php?option=c...5&Itemid=25 It is a standalone executable file. Thanks to the spyware mods for finding it!
  20. How do I defragment the MFT on an external drive? The boot-time defrag on other software doesn't work, as it is a USB drive.
  21. My suggestions- When moving a file larger than a specified size, show a progress bar displaying the progress of moving the file. Offer 2 options: Defrag and Quick Defrag. Quick defrag would be equivalent to selecting all of the fragmented files and defragging them. Allow users to go back to the file list while defragging files. Close the 'Highlighted items' tab as soon as a user navigates away from it. Show the colors as the analysis is taking place, gradually.
  22. The only differences I see in relation to the progress bar are that it completes in one line and doesn't repeat. I don't see a percentage number.
  23. I don't get the percentage progress bar.
  24. The filenames displayed are probably those of files over a certain size. The next version of CCleaner (2.17) will have a 0-100% progress bar, not a repeating one, according to the website.
  25. I am still using YPops!, but for receive only. I got a new email address at gmail, which supports outlook. However, I can't receive mail unless I turn off the firewall. The incoming/outgoing email setting has no effect. Outlook is already an exception. What is wrong?
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