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  1. Once again my sincere thanks to Davey and Vic for their assistance! The "secret" of getting CCleaner 2.06 to execute properly was quite simple: just going into the Properties of the CCleaner icon and telling it to run with Administrator privileges. Since I am the only Administrator, I was surprised this was necessary. Oh well, live and learn! Thanks for the suggestion!!! I also implemented your other suggestions. I don't mind editing registries (when necessary) since I have 5+ decades of computer experience. However I prefer using programs (and OSes) which do NOT use a registry. X-Plane and Linux, respectively come to mind. For example I have just received another Raptor HDD. I will have to uninstall and reinstall FSX on my new HDD. But I can merely transfer the X-Plane folders and files to the new HDD. It will be so much faster! And there are no chances of fouling up Vista's registry. IMO there are practically NO good uninstallers. Almost ALL uninstallers leave folders and files behind and plenty of orphan registry entries! CCleaner 2.06 ran well - particularly the Registry Cleaner. I had to make 3 manual passes before it got rid of all the detected problems in my Vista registry. I wish CCleaner had given me the total amount storage space which had been cleaned. Many thanks once again from, James
  2. My thanks to Davey and Vic for responding! First, in my CCleaner folder there are only 2 files (CCleaner.exe and uninst.exe)! There is NO CCleaner.ini file as I would have expected. So I can't manually edit it as you suggested. I infer the installation process did not complete properly. Second, I have installed, uninstalled (with CCleaner's Uninstaller), and reinstalled CCleaner 2.06 - all with the same lack of results. Each time I had no other programs running. And one time I rebooted to see if that would help matters - it didn't. Third, when I clicked on the CCleaner's Desktop icon, a small black screen appeared (like from a command prompt) and it disappeared in a fraction of a second. Then nothing more happened. Both times it occurred so rapidly I could not read anything. This might be explained by not having a proper ini file. Here is the info you requested: CCleaner version: 2.06 OS, edition, 32bit or 64bit and version: Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 (with all Updates installed) Browsers and version: Internet Explorer 7 (not running), Firefox (not running), and Opera 9.27 (not running) Security software and version: Kaspersky Internet Security (not running) Other data you think might be relevant: Dual Opteron 275s, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA 8800 GTS 512MB, and 3 Raptor HDDs; Flash Player (not running) What did you do and then what happened?: Please see above. Do you think trying an earlier version of CCleaner would be beneficial??? Many thanks from, James
  3. I am new to using CCleaner. As soon as I click on its Desktop icon, CCleaner tries to start running and immediately stops. I have installed all Microsoft Updates for Vista Ultimate x64 SP1. I have 2 CPUs each with 2 cores if that should make any difference. Is CCleaner 2.06 compatible with 64 bits and SP1? Any suggestions??? TIA from, James
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