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  1. Why doesn't /auto work any more? latest win10. Bob frost
  2. When I turn my tablet around, Ccleaner is the only app that doesn't rotate with the tablet. This is annoying. Bob frost
  3. CCleaner wipes the data record of Microsoft Security Essentials that records when the last scan was run. As a consequence, MSE keeps saying I haven't done a scan lately and showing an orange icon, even though I do daily scans. According to Microsoft, this is because CCleaner wipes the record. It can be stopped by removing CCleaner from the Applications list, but it would obviously be better for new users if the scan data record was not removed in the first place. Bob Frost
  4. Could you give me a similar Registry entry for running CCleaner after each use of IE shuts down? Thanks, Bob frost.
  5. We have the option of cleaning at startup, but I would like the option of cleaning after each use of IE. I had this option in IEPrivacyCleaner and used it all the time to get rid of cookies immediately. By yesterday please.
  6. Hi Davey, Update! Having read the FAQs (when all else fails), I see that CCleaner only cleans the current users stuff. Now when I open CCleaner, the UAC panel pops up and I can click on Bob (me) a standard user, or Administrator. I've been clicking on Administrator, thinking it needed Admin priviledges, but just for a change I clicked on Bob, and now CCleaner does see my cookies in the 'Cookies/low' folder and deletes them. If I open CCleaner by clicking on Administrator, it switches to looking at the Administrator account, and doesn't find my cookies. So all is well, except that a note is needed somewhere explaining that even if you are in one user account, clicking on the administrator to start CCleaner seems to switch it to looking at the Administrator account instead of the current account. Hope that is clear! So nothing wrong with CCleaner, just me. This stuff beats Su Doku for exercising the brain cells. Bob F.
  7. CCleaner doesn't seem to know where cookies are stored in Vista64 using UAC. They are in the 'cookies/low' folder which does not get cleaned it seems. No way I can find of telling CCleaner where to find stuff, and the custom folder option doesn't allow system folders to be added.
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