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  1. Having found CCleaner so useful, I've been watching and using Defraggler for several months now. The version previous to this, with the new algorithm, was brilliant - so much faster than before. That's what people want! Fast defragging with simple UI. Two tabs - why? The first tab has a huge amount of empty space even on 1024x768, and the second tab has no obvious functions (took me a while to work out the right-click thing). Why the pie-chart? Takes up room (though it could still fit in a one-tab view maybe). It says at the top the percentage of the drive that is filled, we don't need to be told twice imo. The Defrag function on the first tab is painfully slow. I have no idea what is going on either. Right-clicking and defragging checked files on the second tab is more like normal speed. However I can't scroll the list anymore! I know people can say "you just don't like change", but I seriously cannot see any advantages this all brings, unless the pie chart taken from My Computer Properties count. It's become less function and more confusing. All in all, this latest release seems to be very unthought-out. I just hope the developers read all these comments and realise that this so-called Release Candidate is a backward-step, which is sooo disappointing after so any leap forwards. I really hope RC2 fixes some of these mistakes.
  2. CCleaner will find about 1GB of Temp Adobe Update Files, which I want deleting, but when it does the actual cleaning, it doesnt delete them (it says 12MB (or whatever isnt Adobe) deleted, here is list (with no adobe files listed)). If I run the search again, it wont find them! But if I try again a few days later, it does find them! It's quite annoying, and I would like that 1GB back
  3. Atm, all I want is 3 things: Free-space defrag (having to use Windows Defragger for this) Pagefile defrag (currently 2GB across 13 fragments) The ability to move around whole files and freespace so large files (I have 5 1GB files that can't be defragged further than 2/3 parts despite having 7GB free space) can be defragged easier. Keep up the good work.
  4. If you do a Document Search, the new Office 2007 file formats (I say new, its been around since late 2006!) are not searched for. I stumbled on the solution (clicking Documents then seeing a list of file formats), but other people will not work this out. The formats should be added ASAP!
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