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  1. Having found CCleaner so useful, I've been watching and using Defraggler for several months now. The version previous to this, with the new algorithm, was brilliant - so much faster than before. That's what people want! Fast defragging with simple UI. Two tabs - why? The first tab has a huge amount of empty space even on 1024x768, and the second tab has no obvious functions (took me a while to work out the right-click thing). Why the pie-chart? Takes up room (though it could still fit in a one-tab view maybe). It says at the top the percentage of the drive that is filled, we don't
  2. CCleaner will find about 1GB of Temp Adobe Update Files, which I want deleting, but when it does the actual cleaning, it doesnt delete them (it says 12MB (or whatever isnt Adobe) deleted, here is list (with no adobe files listed)). If I run the search again, it wont find them! But if I try again a few days later, it does find them! It's quite annoying, and I would like that 1GB back
  3. Atm, all I want is 3 things: Free-space defrag (having to use Windows Defragger for this) Pagefile defrag (currently 2GB across 13 fragments) The ability to move around whole files and freespace so large files (I have 5 1GB files that can't be defragged further than 2/3 parts despite having 7GB free space) can be defragged easier. Keep up the good work.
  4. If you do a Document Search, the new Office 2007 file formats (I say new, its been around since late 2006!) are not searched for. I stumbled on the solution (clicking Documents then seeing a list of file formats), but other people will not work this out. The formats should be added ASAP!
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