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  1. Yeah I tryed Safe Mode Maybe a new Dell will do the Job,Hey everyone send Money to South Carolina (LOL)Thanks Tarun
  2. Thanks Tarun, but that didn't work,I think I will upgrade to Windows XP but before I do, answer this for me, when I upgrade will they take everything of ME out of my system and thereby making my computer almost back to factor settings.
  3. momnpopdays

    Ad-Aware SE

    Hi all I have a problem with ad-aware myself.during a scan it gets to this one place and freezes C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\AAWTMP\C9863724,I have deleted this from the folder but it comes right back when I start the scan again.any suggestions,I have unistalled and Installed 2or3 times that didn't do no good. remember I that I am not to smart on these machines.so be easy with me,thanks for your help.
  4. momnpopdays


    Hey everybody I have a question for the experts,I downloaded and now using Firefox 1.0.6,does Firefox have this,example when I was using IE and went to a web site say Microsoft and did a search it would pull up every site for what I was searching for, with a link to click on, then after you visited it and used the back arrow that link you just visited would change colors showing you had already been there,does it have and can Firefox be set to do this?Thanks
  5. No It doesn't have a recovery partition in it,I did a system restore but that didn't take me back far enough.when they did I forget if they typed in msconfig or what oh well maybe somebody else can figure it out. by the way I have windows ME running on it.thank you guys for looking.
  6. I have a Compaq Presario 5000 Model 5WV270 My Recovery CD does not work but a couple of years ago compaq techs. talk me through a restore to factory settings,using the start run on my computer.does anyony know how this is done or do any of you know where i can find out how to do this via a web site? thanks for any help you can give me.
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