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  1. I had trouble with the previous version not working if "hard drive" was selected in debug, but this version won't go beyond the window where you select what is to be analysed. No matter which I choose, it then does nothing. (the window disappears then nothing happens). After a few attempts there are several instances of "Speccy" in task manager. All the logs are completely blank. (Speccy in normal mode freezes just after finding the OS version) Hope you can find the bug! Regards, Mike Win Vista 32, 3Gb RAM, AMD Turion X2 mobile 2.20 GHz, HP laptop.
  2. Thanks Nergal. Will do. Speccy in debug mode didn't crash with anything else selected, their logs have much more information, but if hard drive is selected (either alone or with everything else) the log I've attached is all that appears. Hope they make sense of it! Regards, Mike
  3. Dear All, I've got the same problem. Win vista 32, 3Gb, Speccy crashes but only when hard drive selected on debug. The rest are fine. Log attached. Regards, Mike Speccy_log1_15_30924-2-2012_16-27.txt
  4. Thanks Davey, the links make very interesting reading! Regards, Mike
  5. Dear Davey, Please may I ask why version 5.7 rather than the later versions? I've used the search function to find a reason on this forum and on the eraser site forum, but couldn't find out why. Regards, Mike (long time lurker, newly registered)
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