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  1. I believe that running the "issues" portion of Ccleaner may have done something to a program that I had not used in awhile. Yesterday when I attempted to launch NTI Backup Now 4 and NTI DriveBackup 4, I got the Stop 0x0000000A error in Windows XP and it brough the computer down. This was tested on two different computers I have, causing the same thing on both. I called NTI and they said they have seen this before with registry cleaners. I reinstalled the programs and now they are working fine, but I am wary to use Ccleaner to fix "issues" again.
  2. What I'm finding after fixing the registry with CCleaner is that only system restore points for the current day are kept, all earlier ones disappear. What could be causing that?
  3. System restore is turned on. I have restore points from just before installing CCleaner and several after that point. Everything seems to be running good so hopefully that will be enough. Thanks for your help.
  4. It saved only one restore point before I installed CCleaner. All the other restore points are gone.
  5. No, I didn't run any other cleaner programs while I ran CCleaner. I did have other programs running so maybe that was the problem.
  6. I just ran CCleaner for the first time on Windows XP Home SP2. It wiped out my system restore points. What did I do wrong? Thanks.
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