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  1. for I.E users download the file from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/369615240/embe..._INIs_v2.30.zip
  2. for I.E users download the file from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/355726408/embedded_INIs_v2.29.zip
  3. for I.E users download the file from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/342504281/embedded_INIs_v2.28.zip
  4. sorry for being late, I just saw it... for I.E users download the file from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/327692186/embe..._INIs_v2.27.zip
  5. for I.E users download the file from here: http://rapidshare.com/files/312562341/embedded_INIs_v2.26.zip
  6. for I.E users download the file from here cool.gif : http://rapidshare.com/files/298306778/embedded_INIs_v2.25.zip
  7. for I.E users download the file from here : http://rapidshare.com/files/286522623/embe..._INIs_v2.24.zip
  8. no these are for version 993 and not 999... So we are still waiting!
  9. yes, I don't really know ether... You should also add winapp2!
  10. I just uploaded the file for you here: http://rapidshare.com/files/272540268/embe..._INIs_v2.23.zip I'll do that every time for the users that have problems downloading the file from this site with IE! Hope that helps...
  11. as usually I downloaded file with Firefox 3.5.2 and opened it just fine with WinRar 3.90... thank you a lot MrT
  12. why you all have problems? Strange...I use Firefox 3.5.2 and WinRar and everything is ok...
  13. No, it's not trial, it gives you 40 days to evaluate it and then when you open it it simply shows you a message to buy it and when you press close you can fully work with it! You don't have to uninstall it...
  14. maybe in the next release...yeah, I meant option not trick!
  15. come on...download the newer version, WinRar 3.8. It's much more faster and better and won't give you any errors and stuff like that!
  16. sorry for that, this guide however you can say it's more...detailed...
  17. I wrote by Pluto because I was so happy to finally delete this stupid file which at first I thought it was a virus...It keeps coming back unless you do the above trick!
  18. here is the solution - I found it myself at last... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...st&p=140434 I also noticed that the guy started the thread is Greek and I would like to tell him what to do also in Greek: Γειά σου φίλε, λοιπόν για αρχή δες το παραπάνω link, εδώ είναι οι οδηγίες στα Ελληνικά με φωτογραφία: 1)Άνοιξε τον Internet Exploer 7 ή 8(καλύτερα βάλε τον 8) 2) Πήγαινε Εργαλεία > Επιλογές Internet > Για προσωρημένους και εκεί στο Περιήγηση(μετά το Εκτύπωση) βγάλε την επιλογή που λέει: Ενεργοποίηση Προτεινόμενων τοποθεσιών. 3) Είσαι έτοιμος!
  19. I found the soluton to this idiotic thing myself now: HOW TO DIASBLE SuggestedSites.dat by Pluto: Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Oprions > Advanced Settings and diasble at Browsing(after Print) the option: Enable Suggested Sites! Sorry if everything is not coorect but I tried to translate this from my Greek Internet Explorer 8 version to English but I think it's correct! Tell my if that worked for you too!
  20. I don't have any problem with WinRar 3.80...it's the best tool ever. Download it for free from here: http://www.rarlab.com/ I also tried WinRar 3.90 Beta 2(not the latest, 3) and it had a lot of problems with my Windows Vista x64 so I advise you to install WinRar 3.8. The good thing about WinRar 3.90 is that is has a sepperate installer for x86 and x64 operating systems! WinRar 3.80 works on both x86 and x64 systems! Have Fun!!!
  21. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ THANK YOU,I know understood... sorry for my english,.,.,.,.,.,.
  22. Ok,Recuva finds all the files that can be recovered but sometimes administrators like me want to delete them but they can't because this program can not delete them.It always find 40035 and after it I delete them and I scan again the program still finds 40035 files.That's crazy.I want to delete all these files and I can't.Can anyone please help me???
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