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  1. Of course, Vista is load of **** after you tried it for like 5 seconds. No wonder no one likes Vista and they all say its crap. They all tried it for like 5 minutes tops. Yey.
  2. Defragmentation alone took like 5 times longer. Free space defrag was just as lenghty. And when i checked the drive with GUI version there were still loads of fragments... ugh?
  3. As far as i understand all NT defragmenters they rely on API only found on NT systems, meaning these will only work on Win2k/XP/Vista/2003...
  4. Why on earth is console version so freakin slow while GUI version does the same job in like 1/100th of console version!? I wanted to setup console version to defragment my system drive on each system boot but on initial test (after already defragmented with Defraggler) it took ages. And here i am now... If it's a bug, it's a huge one...
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