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  1. For some reason CCleaner causes my Alcaltel Program to have to reinstall. I was excited to see the new exclusion option for registry items and I scanned through my registry copying and pasting keys into the exclusion list. I shortly learned that there are way to many related keys and after about 60 that I suspected might be the one, I finally gave up. Is there an easier way to prevent CCleaner from messing with my Alcatel program or one certain registry key that someone could suggest to add to the list?
  2. I looked for any references to the Alcatel program on the applications tab and it's not there. I also tried running with the windows temp unchecked but still no luck. Any other ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks. Steve
  3. Is there any way that I can stop CCleaner from affecting one specific program? I use a program made by Alcatel for telecommunications work. Whenever I run CCleaner the Alcatel program attempts to reinstall itself. Steve
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