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  1. Before I leave this topic I have another question. I was under the impression since Windows 7 and 8 came along that vendors were all going route of using SSD's instead of HDD, am I wrong? If this is true then why is there a secure deletion even offered since it will damage the SSD?
  2. I've used Secure File Delete before on an old computer with HDD Windows XP, but since purchasing a new PC [Windows 7] and installing CCleaner last week I'm wondering about using this tool in the future since I have SSD now. This is mainly re: financial info. and such. There are some forms, jpeg's, png - etc. from time to time I like to delete, in doing so most of time I like to use the Secure File Delete / with overwrite 35 passes. My 1st question is in doing this with ''overwrite 35 passes'' is this going to damage or shorten life of the SSD? Also 2nd question is if I Defragment will this damage or shorten life of SSD? Has anyone else gone through this? Any comments welcome. Regards...
  3. Thanks Dale - I will give this a shot. Greg
  4. Thank you for the info. I know what to do now. woodycreek
  5. What about Zone Alarm in regards to CCleaner?
  6. woodycreek

    DOD Wipe

    Under Options in Settings tab I have choosen "Secure File Deletion," specifically DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes). In my include window I added folders and files I wanted deleted. When I click on "Run Cleaner" nothing happens...I'm a little confused what am I doing wrong?
  7. Thank you for the note and info. I will give it a try tomorrow. Your right about the clock...I have a brother and cousin both in Marines stationed in Iraq.
  8. I have World Clock [kybtec.de], after down loading/installing CCleaner World Clock is deactivated and/or registration files are deleted. I contacted the company and they recommended uninstalling CCleaner and entering my reg. number again, of course World Clock now works but I would like to have & use CCleaner too. I'm slightly confused as what I should do to configure CCleaner so it will not bother W. Clock. Any ideas or suggestions?
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