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  1. Hazelnut, I should have been more explicit. I went to my desktop. I clicked on the icon marked CCleaner. It opens "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" The program opened and a pop-up announced a new version. I reluctantly clicked on the link in the pop-up (I really wanted to go to bed.) The next thing I knew I was downloading Registry Mechanic. I only wanted to alert others that someone may have found a way to subvert a proper upgrade process. I made the point that I was tired. Sometimes I do screen dumps to Word of all the screens that occur in such a process. I did a few, but after the fact. Perhaps the problem was with what I encountered at filehippo.com? This is a sketchy record of the process. I went back into my Mozilla SeaMonkey browser history and copied the entries for the time period in question. Here they are: http://www.ccleaner.com/update/?v=2.06.567&l=1033 10:26:51 PM http://www.ccleaner.com/download 10:26:59 PM http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ 10:2:20 PM http://www.pctools.com/registry-mechanic/download/ 10:2:48 PM http://www.trap17.com/forums/Ccleaner-Regi...nic-t25976.html 10:34:43PM http://www.trap17.com/forums/Hate-Registry...nic-t32966.html 10:35:26 I've not gone back to check this out. I do not have time now. Is it possible that filehippo has an ad for pctools that I hit by mistake? The above record shows a pretty clear path from ccleaner.com to filehippo.com to pctools.com and then to some forums to try to understand what had happened. I hope this adds grist to the mill. baumgrenze
  2. Last Friday I decided that perhaps I should try CCleaner to see if it would detect a reason why my machine sometimes refuses to shut down properly. It reboots instead. When it does it sets off about a half-hour session while the RAID-1 software restores my C drive. I was half asleep. I was told that my copy of CCleaner, Ver 2.06.567 was out of date and that there was a new version to download. I grudgingly started the update. The next thing I knew I was trapped in a download of Registry Mechanic from PCTools. The download automatically installed and ran the software. I needed to "register to repair all detected errors." I aborted the process at this point. Has PCTools somehow managed to interject itself into the upgrade process for Piriform software? Having read recent entries on this forum, I'm uncomfortable with running even my old version of CCleaner, let alone upgrading and running. Comments? baumgrenze
  3. I have a 500 GB 'backup disk' on a relatively new (1 month old) machine. It was supplied to me set up as a single NTFS partition. I have a significant number of backup files saved on the disk. I cannot see them anymore in My Computer. I inadvertently deleted the partition on this drive using the "Disk Management" software in XP Pro. I was cleaning up another disk that was attached to the machine at the time. I have not written to the 500 GB disk since I did this. The last act done to the disk was a defrag last night. Is Recuva a good tool to use to restore this disk to the state it was in before I deleted the partition? As I see it, I need to restore the partition information and the file allocation table. If not, does anyone have any alternative suggestions? Thanks, baumgrenze
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