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  1. Do I have to uninstall firefox first or go to start> run> type: "firefox.exe -p and then go into add/remove and remove firefox? Can I get step by step directions?
  2. I wanted to completely remove Mozilla FF from my computer and then reinstall FF. Do I have to use CCleaner? I'm new to CC and wanted to know if someone could give me directions on how to go about removing it.
  3. So afterwards do I still need to use CCleaner?
  4. Hi fellow CCleaner members. Hopefully I am posting in the correct forum. I am new to CC and I have a couple of questions. I currently have Norton Internet Security 2005 (i know it's bloated) I'll be changing to NOD32 and Outpost Firewall Pro and I wanted to know what are the step-by-step directions on how to remove NIS 2005 from my computer for good. I've heard horror stories that you can screw up the windows registry if you don't know what you're doing so I want specific directions so I won't mess up my system.
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